street lighting pole

1,Hot dip galvanized and can be either powder coated or painted in the colours

2, Available in tapered octagonal, tapered round and other shapes.

3, Standard mounting heights are 4m to 12m and standard outreach lengths are 1.5m to 3m

4, Poles can be designed for differing heights and outreach lengths


We specialize in the fabrication and supply of quality street lighting pole and other steel poles . In particular, we have built our reputation on being able to supply a range of steel poles and columns to specific needs such as:

  • Suburban residential estates (streetscape lighting)
  • Street lighting (freeways, highways and motorways)
  • Purpose engineered poles (conveyor poles)
  • Operations lighting and enhancement (high lighting company logo and security)
  • Lighting (sporting grounds, parks, picnic areas, leisure centers and public places of interest)

We manufacture electrical street lighting pole such as Octagonal Pole, MS Street Light Pole and GI Street Lighting Poles. They are admired for their prominent quality, easy installation and longer functional life. These poles are made utilizing quality steel through twisting, framing, programmed welding, hot dip galvanization and powder covering procedures. We design, produce and test our street light pole as per the current industrial norms and standards. We insist on improving our products, after getting the relevant feedback of the clients

There are various range of street lighting pole with different size and diameters available here. We manufacture various types of street lighting poles in just as many lengths and shapes, such as conical, cylindrical, cylindrical conical, cylindrical stepped, parabolic conical, ribbed, triangular, oval, straight, diagonal, curved, etc. The street lighting poles can be provided with doors, cable holes, base or ground plates, swivels, push-pull cables etc. These are generally available for lighting the streets for ex: car parking, road junctions, factory area, stadium, railway yard etc. Our experience and skilled workers test our street lighting poles strictly in order to ensure higher functional strength. So that our offered poles are popular among customers for their light weight, easy installation and resistance against erosion and stun.

With the added bonus of both our skilled engineers and the ability to provide foundation bolts, templates, footing designs and reinforcing cages, We can confidently cut excessive lead times whilst producing quality products. Both Street Light poles and Octagonal Poles are very beneficial as it helps in prevention of accidents. It also offers lighted crossing points. Nowadays there is a huge market demand for these kind of Poles, because it can easily be fitted in any dimensions, lengths and designs. It can be produced by utilizing high grade metal or alloy.

Street Lighting Pole Options And Accessories

  • Street lighting pole are base plate mounted as standard, but can be designed for in-ground mounting
  • The poles are hot dip galvanized and can be either powder coated or painted in the colours of your choice
  • The range is available in tapered octagonal, tapered round and other shapes.
  • Standard mounting heights are 5.5m to 12m
  • Standard outreach lengths are 1.5m to 3m
  • Poles can be designed for differing heights and outreach lengths
  • Steel poles are also available in a hinged seesaw configuration.

street light pole

For further information about the street light pole specifications etc. either call us or send an email to us to get the detailed drawings etc.

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