solar street lighting

1, High quality LED light & high conversion rate solar panel

2, High quality steel pole, easy to install and maintenance

3, Intelligent controller, automatically adjust the brightness level

4, GEL battery, quick-charging, works even in the cloudy

5, Custom-made requirements are available


LED Solar Street Lighting

Solar Street Lighting Model: HLYSL-60W

Solar street lighting provide efficient illumination of not only streets, parks, walkways, highways, country road, jetties but also a variety of other public and commercial spaces. The outside street lights blend nicely in both residential streets and commercial parking lots. And they are providing security, sustainability and an overall green image.

Our led solar street lighting system offers the following benefits as well:

  • eliminates expensive mains cable installation costs
  • eliminates any associated electricity bills
  • increases public safety and aid by providing a safe working environment in areas where mains power is difficult to access
  • fully automatic operation
  • high quality construction and components
  • designed for easy servicing and maintenance where required

Solar Street Lighting System

Every  LED solar street lighting system comes complete with a self-contained solar panel to run the specified LED fixture.  We designs each system by the power consumed by the lighting fixture and available sun provided by the geographical location. The battery backup provides a minimum set autonomy for extended battery life and to take into account local weather conditions.

Solar panels mounted on the top of the pole convert sunlight into electricity, so that it is easy to charge a deep cycle battery.

A solar controller/regulator ensures that the battery is charged in the most effective manner and not overcharged. The controller senses when the sun goes down and turns on the light.

It can be programmed to run the light all night, or for the required time duration. The controller also protects the battery from over discharge.

Solar Street lighting Fixtures

Each fixture provides the needed lighting levels and distribution pattern. so that it is easy to provide the perfect lighting solution to meet the requirements of the application.

Lamping options: such as LED, HPS and Metal Halide Lamp.

Solar Street Lighting Fixture Mounting

Hot-dip galvanized poles, epoxy powder electrostatic spraying poles, painted outside street lights poles
Engineered for high wind areas. Install both the poles and all the solar system to a concrete foundation or wall.
Components are modular,so that it is easy future replacement and maintenance
Both Solar panels and outreach arms swivel 360 degrees to suit site conditions.

solar led street lighting

LED Solar Street Lighting systems Model: HLYSL-60W Specification

Solar Panel
2 x 150 W Solar Panel
Light Source
2 x 30 W LED Lamp
Lumen output
2 x 2,880 Lumens
Color Temperature
6500 K
2 x 12V, 120Ah GEL battery
Working Time
Dusk To Dawn with dimming
Minimum Sunhours requirements
3.3 sunhours
System Autonomy
5+ nights

*If any custom-made solar street lighting system need, Please contact us or call us at +86 132 1217 5527 for more solar power assembly specifications and solar street lighting prices etc.

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