road safety guard rails

1, Strictly manufactured to the state road authority specifications

2, Compliant to the Road Safety Barrier Systems

3, Zinc coating thickness: 85 um, compliant to ASTM A123

4, Can produce as per clients’ drawings

5, Optimal choice for safety, strength, durability, and cost effectiveness


Road safety guard rails is also named highway guardrails, traffic safety barriers, road safety guardrail, road safety barriers guardrail etc.
Finishes: Hot dip galvanizing & plastic powder coating.
Material: carbon steel, alloy steel etc
Standard followed: T/T 281-1995, AASHTO M-180, RAL-RG620, SPS98S, or any other International Standards

Road safety guard rails are widely used for highway safety and fixed on the side of the roads especially on curves and slopes for preventing vehicles from riding out from roads.

Road Safety Guard Rails Features

1. The systems ensure minimum damage to the vehicle and its occupants.
2. During collision, the beam absorbs maximum energy by flattening out laterally and restrains the vehicle from veering over.
3. Prevents the vehicle from skidding back onto the carriageway by controlling exit angles through gradual deceleration and effective redirection of the vehicle back on to the road.
4. Enables quick repairs in case of accidents.
5. All road safety guard rail components are galvanized for longer life.


1. Provide railing protection to motor vehicles at dangerous road areas such as steep slopes, high embankments, obscure curves/bends, sharp corners.
2. Absorb sudden impact during collision thus minimizing injury to vehicle and passenger.
3. Directional railing for vehicles moving in the right direction.
4. Median barrier for avoiding head on collision.
5. Protective barrier for pedestrians along the highway.

Normal Specification

1. Profile: w-beam; thrice-beam. 4320 × 310 × 83 ×3mm, available in different sizes.
2. Standards: JT/T 281-1995, AASHTO M-180, RAL-RG620, SPS98S, or any other International Standards.
3. Base steel: Steel Grade Q235B (equivalent to S235JR / DIN EN10025 and Gr.D / ASTM A283M).
4. The thickness of the steel:3mm, 4mm, 6mm, or custom sizes.
4. Finish: hot dip galvanized or PVC coating.
5. The thickness of galvanized: 70um, or according to your request.

Specifications For Road Safety Guard Rail

Guard Rail 2.74 mm thickness, 4 meter post to post on center to center distance

1. W- Shape beam made of 48 cm width × 2.74 mm thick plate × 4m center to center distance between posts.
Material: ST 52-3.
2. 150 × 75 × 5mm. thick channel for posts-1.5meter long.
Material: ASTM A36.
3. Spacer made of 150 × 75 × 5 mm thick channel-350 mm long.
Material : ASTM A36.
4. Set of fastener: M16 × 30mm/50mm bolt with nuts and washers-1 set / post.
5. Provided with appropriate fish (end) tails.

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