road safety barrier systems

1, Strictly manufactured to the state road authority specifications

2, Compliant to the Road Safety Barrier Systems

3, Zinc coating thickness: 85 um, compliant to ASTM A123

4, Produce as per clients’ drawings

5, Optimal choice for safety, strength, durability, and cost effectiveness


Road Safety Barrier Systems can protect your personnel and equipment from loading dock accidents. This is a kind of High-visibility steel guard rail systems. Galvanized steel guard rail does not show mars, and includes black/yellow caution tape built into rail for high visibility. Steel mounting posts allow forklift contact without damage to the guard rail or the forklift. Guardrail is 121/8″H with a 3″ projection.

Road Safety Barrier Systems is composed of guardrails, guardrail post, offset block, end terminals, delineator, steel washer, bolts and nuts.

Guardrail Post

Guardrail posts determine the impact performance of a roadside barrier system. Our highway guardrail system components are constructed from high quality steel to ensure excellent impact performance.

There are two types posts: flange posts and non-flange posts. Flange posts are installed in the concrete roads. Non-flange posts are installed in soft soil.

Please see our posts specifications as below:

Material: Q235B, Q345B, SS400, S235JR etc.

Surface treatment: hot dipped galvanized or powder coating

Length: 450mm~3000mm

Thickness: 3~7mm

Standards: AASHTO M180, EN ISO1461, JT/T281-2007 etc.

Offset Block

As a optional components of highway guardrail systems, the offset block is installed between the guardrail post and the posts. It is to increase the effective cushion in case of collision. The guardrail spacer blocks are made of galvanazied steel with different shapes: U shaped, C shaped, H shaped.

Guardrail End Terminals

Guardrail end terminals are designed to prevent guardrails from penetrating vehicles which collide with the ends of roadside barriers. Barrier systems require excellent designed terminal ends to avoid dangerous situations.

Guardrail Steel Washer, Bolts & Nuts.

The road guardrail system components need to be fastened, so the steel washers, bolts and nuts are important fasteners in the system. We supply them in various sizes. We configure the reasonable system components sizes free.


Guardrail delineators are commonly used as roadway safety devices. They are installed in tunnels, on bridges and highway, providing visibility during the night by reflecting care headlights. This reflective highway marker is necessary for winding roads and mountain roads, serving as a warning device to avoid accidents.

NOTE: We also sell all the guardrail system components separately. Must order both rails and posts to build a complete safety guardrail system. For more details, please email to us.

Road Safety Barrier Systems Features

1. Low cost, long service life.

2. High safety performance and high intensity.

3. Anti-corrosion, anti-aging, impact resistance.

4. Easy to install, elegant appearance.


Road Safety Barrier Systems are widely used in highway or other high grade roads, parking lots, bridge and embankments etc.

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