non burr pipe cutting machine

1, Reasonable structure, easy to operate & maintain
2, Manual and pedal switch, safely and stable
3, High working strength, high producing capacity


Non burr pipe cutting machine

Non burr pipe cutting machine adopts European high strength machine head, equipped with jackscrew, worm gear drive device. High cutting efficiency, no nosie, no burr. The machine head can be turned by 45 degree. It is easy to adjust with manual, pneumatic, hydraulic two-way clamp, up and down clamp, automatic cooling system and barrier strip.


• No burr, no dust, two-way clamp ensures the parts more steady, cutting smooth without burr, low noise, no pollution
• Accurately, quickly cutting, the cutting surface no heating, no need secondary process.
• To bevel or mill slot by turning the machine head right or left, accurate angle, the perfect pipe interface.

 Technical parameters

ItemHL-DW electric no burrHL-DW pneumatic
Max. size of materials to be processedRound tube≤Φ60 mm≤Φ100 mm
Square tube≤50 x 50 mm≤90 x 90 mm
L type tube≤50 x 50 mm≤90 x 90 mm
Rectangular tube≤50 x 6 mm≤90 x 6 mm
Square steel bar≤20 x 20 mm≤50 x 50 mm
Round steel bar≤Φ25 mm≤Φ55 mm
Voltage380 V
Frequency50 Hz
Power2.4 KW3 KW
External size650 x 900 x 1350 mm650 x 950 x 1400 mm
Net weight (N.W)130 KG210 KG
Gross weight (G.W)150 KG250 KG

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