LED outdoor lighting

1, Quality steel light poles/columns

2, High anti-rusting performance over 30 years

3, Wattage power: 35 W ~ 600 W

4, Light height: 4 meters ~ 12 meters


LED outdoor lighting is primarily used for baseball, football, soccer, tennis courts, all sport fields and venues. However, our LED sports lighting also provides efficient illumination of streets, parks, walkways, highways, country road, jetties but also a variety of other public and commercial spaces. The LED lighting blend nicely in both residential streets and commercial parking lots. And they are providing security, sustainability and an overall green image.

Our stand LED outdoor lighting offers the following benefits as well:

  • quality steel light poles/columns
  • high anti-rusting performance over 30 years
  • Light height: 4 meters ~ 12 meters
  • Wattage power: 35 W ~ 400 W

LED outdoor lighting

Although the cost of installing our LED outdoor lighting poles / columns make them attractive. However, it is important to ensure they are not being placed in an environment that consists of acidic soils as this can lead to a reduced life. The underground part of the column can be coated with a 400 micron. High impact two pack paint that will help to reduce this problem.

Our standard range of in ground mounted fixed columns are up to 12.5 m in height. So that we tend to recommend base plate mounted columns for higher installations.

All of our fixed in ground columns come with one standard access door, cable entry and a spigot to suit a head frame or light fitting. Another option is the columns to be fitted with a single or multi armed curved or straight outreach.  And our columns are of high zinc coating weight after fabrication and can then be plastic powder coated if required.

We can also manufacture columns with a 12 sided or 16 sided format and have access to round tapered columns for larger orders. All aspects of the product have been tested including welding, steel grade and galvanizing to ensure all relevant producing standards are met. Please contact us to discuss any of these special order items or if you have a design that you would like to have custom made.

LED outdoor lighting fixture

Each fixture provides the needed lighting levels and distribution pattern. So that it is easy to provide the perfect LED lighting solution to meet the requirements of the application.

Lamping options: such as LED, HPS, Electrode less lamp and Metal Halide Lamp.

sports lighting


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