Hydraulic automatic rolling machine

1, Reasonable structure, easy to operate & maintain
2, Manual and pedal switch, safely and stable
3, High working strength, high producing capacity


Hydraulic automatic rolling machine

Hydraulic automatic rolling machine is a kind of wrought iron equipment used to fold the end of hot-forging fishtail. And this forging machine could fold fishtail crushed on flat iron, square steel and round steel. Wrought iron end folding machine can scroll those materials into rolls. We could see these rolls or scrolls in wrought iron gates, fences, furniture etc. So end rolling machine is an essential ornamental iron machine


• It is easy to operate.
• It has foot pedal which is safe for operator.
• It is easy and fast to change molds.
• This electric making coil machine helps save time and cost.
• It can be maintained easily.
• It has high production efficiency.
• It is easy to feed in and withdraw the material.
• It uses hydraulic drive which saves labor.

Technical parameters


Max size of materials to be processedFlat steel≤50 x 8 mm
Square steel≤20 x 20 mm
Round steel≤Φ20 mm
Power3 kw
Speed1400 rpm
External size1100 x 560 x1300 mm
N.W316 kg
G.W352 kg

Besides, We supply both the hydraulic press brake machine and other wrought iron equipment, please contact us for more details.

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