HPS high mast light

1, Design & produce high mast lighting poles as per clients’ drawing

2, High anti-corrosion performance

3, HPS, Metal Halide Lamp; 250W~2000W

4, Excellent lifting system

5, Height: 20~50 meters


High mast light is a tall pole with lighting attached to the top pointing towards the ground. It is usually but not always used to light a highway or recreational field. It is used at sites requiring lighting over a large area.

The pole is generally at least 15 metres tall (under this height it is referred to as conventional lighting system). While the lighting consists of a luminaire ring surrounding the pole with one or several independent lighting fixtures mounted around. Most units have four, six or eight lights in the ring, with ten, twelve and sixteen lights used in rarer instances. While most high mast lights are high pressure sodium light. Also can use other types such as mercury vapor, metal halide and LED. Some units have the lighting surrounded by a circular shield to prevent or reduce light pollution or light trespass from affecting neighbourhoods adjacent to the highway.

Workers can low the luminaire right from the mast head to the base in order to maintain the systems. Using a winch and motor to the ground or at a height accessible by a cherry picker and located in areas to allow for easier access without disrupting traffic

We offer a comprehensive range of High Mast Light that is used in area lighting. High mast lighting is preferred over conventional lighting, because it can achieves very large space to height ratios.  So that it can illuminate large areas without the need for numerous lighting columns. SO you can find some high mast lighting in the airports, jetties and other public or commercial plaza etc.

High mast light pole

1.Design standard: AASHTO standard, ISO standard etc.
2.Wind speed: more than 30 Meters/second
3.Anti-seismic design: more than level 7
4.Mast material: ASTM A572 GR65/Q345/Q235/GR50
5.Mast structure: 8/12/16/20 sided
6.Mast assembly: no welding on site
7.Anti-corrosion protection: hot dip galvanization and hot dip galvanization and powder coating

Lighting fixture for high mast ligthing

The entire lighting fixture is constructed from aluminum alloy and formed by die casting, with protection degree more than IP 65. Both high pressure sodium lamp and metal halide lamp are ideal lighting source. And their power range is from 250 W to 2000 W. Lighting fixtures design is calculated by professional simulation program, LED light source and customization is still available.

highmast light fixture

LED flooding light

The head frame for high mast pole

The primary function is to fit lighting fixtures for illuminating. All the head frames are constructed form high-quality steel ,and both inner and outer surface are processed by hot-dip-galvanization.

The raising-and-lowering system for high mast lighting

1.The lifting system is core part of the high mast lighting. So the system ensures the safety and reliability of operating.
2.The raising-and-lowering system mainly consists of lighting rod, closed mast-top assembly, latching mechanism, head frame, steering assembly, bumper, cables, winch, motor, lighting control cabinet, raising-and-lowering control cabinet and so on.


Height20m – 50m
ApplicationSquare, Football and Basketball Field, Runway, etc
Lamp Power250 W- 2000 W (HPS/MH)
LED power: Max. 400 W
Lighting FixtureIP 65
Working Atmosphere of Lighting Fixture-35℃~+45℃
Surface TreatmentHot dip galvanized with ASTM A 123, colorful plastic powder coated.
SafetyAgainst earthquake of 8 grade
Wind Speed160 Km/Hour
Min Yield Strength355 mpa
Min Ultimate Tensile Strength490 mpa
Max ultimate tensile strength620 mpa

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