high frequency induction heating machine

1, Reasonable structure, easy to operate & maintain
2, Manual and pedal switch, safely and stable
3, High working strength, high producing capacity


High frequency induction heating machine

High frequency induction heating machine is composed of shell, water pump, water tube, host machine. It applies the principle of electromagnetic induction. There will be induced current when the metal parts are put into the working zone. Then the metal parts can be heated quickly by the induced current.

Induction heating machine features

1, quick heating

2, easy installation, easy operation

3, quick starting, save power

4, high efficient, safely, easy to control the temperature

Technical parameters




Max. size of materials to be processed

Square steel

≤20 x 20 mm≤80 x 80 mm

Round steel

≤Φ30 mm

≤Φ80 mm

Flat steel≤60 x 10 mm

≤100 x 20 mm


380 V


50 Hz

Output current

3~32 (A)

5~50 (A)

Input voltage

0~380 (V)

0~380 (V)

External size

600 x 580 x 390 mm

820 x 760 x 670 mm

Net weight (N.W)

40 KG

230 KG

Gross weight (G.W)

46 KG

260 KG

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