galvanized elliptical pipe

1, Bright steel pipe

2, For high quality finishes

3,  Used in furniture, fitness, bikes etc

4, Surface treatment: chrome plating, painting, plastic powder coating

5, Special sizes acceptable


Galvanized elliptical pipe is of many advantages in using as opposed to standard circular tubes. Elliptical pipe is less likely to become distorted or bent out of shape as its shape is much stronger than round tubing when it is used on its preferential axis. It is also more compact and the tube takes up less storage space, making it a good choice for smaller settings with limited workroom. Furthermore, the shape of steel oval pipe is more aerodynamic, which makes it the ideal option for products such as exhaust pipes on vehicles.

More details

The specialty of steel oval pipe is the form itself. We offer two different types of oval pipe forms. One is the elliptical steel pipe and the other is the flat oval pipe. The steel material can be carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel.

Flat oval steel Pipe

flat oval tube





Sizes: 14*26, 15*25, 15*30, 20*38, 20*40, 20*50, 20*60, 25*45, 25*40, 25*50, 30*50, 30*60, 30*70, 30*80, 30*90, 40*80, 40*90

Thickness: 0.5~2.0mm
Length: 6m or cut as request

Oval pipes are mainly produced with a diameter of 0.5 – 2.0 mm. Different wall thickness, materials and surfaces (e.g. IIIc, K240, K400, K600) as well as lengths can be produced on inquiry.

Galvanized Elliptical Pipe

Elliptical pipe





The thickness range for galvanized elliptical pipe is from 0.5 – 2.0 mm. Different wall thickness, material and surfaces (e.g. IIIc, K240, K400, K600) as well as length can be produced in inquiry.

steel elliptical pipe (mm)
a        b           d             length
38       21      0.8-2.0      6000
34.2  19.2    0.8-2.0      6000
53      35      0.9-2.0       6000
40     20      0.8-2.0       6000
22     16       0.8-2.0       6000
48     21       0.8-2.0       6000
42     14       0.8-2.0       6000

Customized steel oval pipe sizes are available as well. 

Other Benefits

1. Cost Saving: With increased strength, lighter gauges of Oval Tube Steel to save costs for your business
2. Production: When welding, the flat side on Oval Tube Steel eradicates the need wall flattening. This means that sections can be joined directly to the flat side, which reduces fabrication costs.
3. Aesthetics: The shape of Oval Tube Steel creates a fresher look for contemporary styling.

Elliptical pipe is extremely versatile. And you can use it in a number of locations including homes, shopping malls centers, offices, hotels and hospitality establishments, airports and other public places. Galvanized elliptical pipe can be used both internally and externally for a range of products, including:

1. Hand, wall and grab rails
2. Sections for chairs and other pieces of furniture
3. Pilars, columns and posts
4. Door knobs, handles and accessories
5. Street signs and lighting poles

We also provide a number of other precision tubing products in a range of shapes, sizes and forms: rectangular steel pipe, square steel pipe, round steel pipe, ms hollow sections, galvanized or painted tubes etc. If any need, please directly contact us by emailing at or  calling us at +86 022 28730886 / 13212175527.

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