Galvanized chain

1, Designed for suspending, mooring or fencing challenge etc.
2, China made and tested, Special sizes and materials are available
3, Manufactured from high quality stainless steel.
4, Short link formation.
5, Proof load tested to twice the maximum working load.
6, NOT suitable for industrial lifting purposes.


Galvanized chain

Galvanized chain has its intended uses and a maximum weight. We offer a very wide range of electro-galvanised chain, from 1.6mm gauge up to 14mm gauge. With the exception of 14mm gauge, our chain is supplied on reels, with the maximum weight of any reel not exceeding 25kg.

Please note that the quantity of chain per reel will therefore differ according to the size (gauge) of each link. Due to its weight we offer the 14mm gauge by the metre up to 30 metres continuous length.

We also offer a “bespoke” package; we cut the chain lengths as per your specific requirements. Please allow up to 7 days, depending on the complexity of the order.

To complement our range of galvanised chains, we also offer matching electro galvanised fittings. These are designed to link, join or extend the chain.


Hot dipped Galvanized chain offers a high degree of weather and corrosion protection. It is ideal for industrial, commercial or any environment where the aesthetic appearance is of less importance than weather protection.

During the hot dip galvanising process, workers put the galvanized chain into a galvanising bath which paints a deeper depth of galvanisation than conventional electro galvanising.


Chain Grades:

Chains are rated and given a “grade” by the National Association according to their tensile strength.

Grade 30 Chain – General purpose chain, not used for overhead lifting
Grade 40 Chain – Equal strength to Grade 43, yet smaller in size, not used for overhead lifting
Grade 43 Chain – High strength, used for tied owns mainly, not used for overhead lifting
Grade 70 Chain – Well known as “Transport Chain” used for tied owns on transportation loads
Grade 80 Chain – Made for safety, ideal chains for both overhead lifting and heavy duty towing
Grade 100 Chain – Up to 25% stronger than Grade 80 chain, ideal for overhead lifting and heavy duty towing
Both bulk chains and the Galvanized Steel Chains related accessories are our expertise. We’ve been supplying both high quality bulk chains and chain accessories over 20 years.

It’s important to us that our customers are buying the proper Galvanized chain for their needs. No matter what standards Galvanized chain: DIN5685, DIN766, DIN764, DIN763, Janpanese Standards, ASTM80 etc. we’ll make sure the right type of chain is provided.

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