furniture pipe

1, Bright steel pipe

2, For high quality finishes

3,  Used in furniture, fitness, bikes etc

4, Surface treatment: chrome plating, painting, plastic powder coating

5, Special sizes acceptable


Furniture pipe is Electric Resistance Welded round tube which has a typical steel grey appearance and a suitable surface for general applications. It is ideal pipes for furniture making and powder coating where high quality finishes are required. It has no scale and comes with a light oiled coating.  And the bright steel pipe is available in various shapes; square, rectangular, round and oval and various finishes, wall thicknesses and diameters and has a visible seam along the welded edge.

More details

Huiliyou offers an extensive range of tubular steel products for usage in a wide range of furniture pipe applications. We strictly inspect and measure pipes during the manufacturing process to ensure the product meets the relevant standards and specifications.

RHS Steel: RHS steel has many uses such as structural applications in residential, commercial and industrial construction. RHS steel can be used for many products. Such as fence posts, fence rails, gate frames, screening, bearers and joists for flooring/decking.

Steel Pipe & Tube: Steel pipes can be found in a variety of places. They are often used underground for transporting both water and gas. You can also use them in construction to protect electrical wires. Besides, steel pipes can also be found in bicycles, cars, refrigeration units, heating and plumbing systems, flagpoles and street lamps.

Furniture Pipe

Welding MethodERW
Applications furniture, stairs, fittness equipment, posts etc
Gradescarbon steel, alloy steel etc
Size RangeRound pipe: 1/2″~4″

Square pipe: 10 x 10 mm ~ 100 x 100 mm

rectangular pipe: 8 x 16 mm ~ 100 x50 mm

Wall ThicknessERW steel pipe: 0.5~2.0 mm
Tube shapeSquare, rectangular, round, oval, LTZ and other special shapes
Surface treatmentZinc coating, painting, plastic powder coating
Package1, Wrapped in bundle with water-proof bag, then bundled by steel stripes or nylon lifting.

2, In bundles

As a professional supplier of furniture pipe. we have sold our furniture pipe to Middle East, Africa, Southeast Aisa, South America and other regions since 2010.  Need further information, please directly contact us by emailing at or  calling us at +86 022 28730886 / 13212175527.

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