wrought iron fishtail forging machine

1, Reasonable structure, easy to operate & maintain
2, Manual and pedal switch, safely and stable
3, High working strength, high producing capacity


Wrought iron fishtail forging machine

Wrought iron fishtail forging machine is used to press the end of wrought iron steel. Making square steel , flat steel, round steel into fishtail pattern one time without pounding and chamfering, after heating the steel material. Such as rough fishtail pattern, grain fishtail pattern, plain fishtail pattern. They are widely used in Decoration, furniture, walls fences, European doors, municipal landscape construction industry.


• Easy to operate.
• Low power consumption.
• High production efficiency.
• Easy to maintain.
• Solid structure.
• Stable performance.
• Novelty design.
• Reliable and safe.


• It is unnecessary to beat the end of iron bars into flat shape. We could get the fishtail directly after heat the materials. This helps save time and improves work efficiency.
• After processed, the end of iron bar becomes wider and thinner and the thickness is less than 2 mm. So our wrought iron end crushing machine can process precisely. The features of finished            products processed by our hot-roll fishtail mill are uniform, beautiful and standard because of our high quality dies.
• Our wrought iron machines have a size-localization device. You can set the rolling length through this device which is very convenient.
• Our Huiliyou blacksmith end forging machine can roll 300 pieces flat irons (8x40mm) per hour.
• The dies of our fishtail press machine have the property of abrasion resistance. So it extends the use life of our fishtail shaping machines.
• We offer an excellent after-sales service for all wrought iron fishtail end forging machines clients have brought from us.
• Our auto tail stamping forging machine can position precisely.
• The main motor of our fishtail coining casting founding machine is powerful.

Technical parameters




Max. size of materials to be processed

Square steel

≤16 x 16 mm

≤25 x 25 mm

Round steel≤Φ16 mm≤Φ25 mm
Flat steel≤40 x 10 mm≤50 x 20 mm
Voltage380 V
Frequency50 Hz
Power2.2 KW3 KW
External size1160 x 820 x 510 mm1160 x 670 x 1160 mm
Net weight (N.W)300 KG560 KG
Gross weight (G.W)360 KG680 KG

Besides, We supply both the hydraulic press brake machine and other wrought iron equipment, please contact us for more details.

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