electrical conduit pipe

1, EMT conduit pipe is a steel raceway of unthreaded circular cross section.

2, The exterior is galvanized and protected by a clear zinc coating.

3, The interior is a smooth continuous raceway and is coated with zinc organic lubricants.

4, It could be either installed indoors or outdoors

5, Produced in sizes from ½” to 4″.


Electrical conduit pipe is manufactured from mild steel. Our rigid conduit pipe is highly resistant to damage from impact yet ductile to facilitate bending. The EMT conduit pipe is used for guiding cables and wiring around the site. It’s also perfect for areas where impact is likely as the conduit provides extra impact protection.

Electrical metallic tubing (EMT), also commonly called thin-wall conduit pipe, is a listed steel raceway of circular cross section, which is unthreaded, and nominally 10′ long. 20′ lengths are also available. The outside surface is of galvanization for corrosion protection. And the inside has an approved corrosion-resistant organic coating. Workers usually install EMT conduit pipe by using of set-screw or compression-type couplings and connectors. It is permitted to have an integral coupling comprised of an expanded, “belled” shape tube on one end with set screws. EMT with integral couplings is available in trade sizes 1-1/4 through 4”.

It is easy to cut and easy to bend – reducing waste and installation time. Metal conduit is non-combustible and easily adaptable to future wiring changes. Metal conduit is a proven equipment grounding conductor and can reduce electromagnetic fields by up to 95%.

Note: Please comply with National and Local building and electrical code requirements when choosing the correct conduit and accessories for your wiring application.

Electrical conduit pipe dimensions

EMT conduit pipe is available in sizes 1/2” through 4”, and 10′ and 20′ lengths. We also produce EMT in a range of colors for easy system identification.conduit pipe size

Applicable tolerances: Length: 10 ft. (3.05 m) +/- 1/4 in. (+/- 6.35 mm);  Outside Diameter: 1/2 – 2+/- 0.015 in. (16 – 35 +/- 0.13 mm);  2 – 1/2 +/- 0.020 in. (91-103 +/- 0.51 mm); 3 +/- 0.015 in. (78 +/- 0.38 mm);  3 – 1/2 – 4 +/- 0.020 in. (91-103 +/- 0.51 mm).

electrical conduit pipe colour provides instant identification of power, datacom and emergency electrical systems. The 7 colours enable a faster recognition of wires.
















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