wrought iron electric twisting machine

1, Reasonable structure, easy to operate & maintain
2, Manual and pedal switch, safely and stable
3, High working strength, high producing capacity


Electric twisting machine

Electric twisting machine are a special electric wrought iron production machinery, which apply the metal plastic deformation under the process of twisting the metal materials to twist. They are the new equipment which are controlled by microcomputer and operate with high accuracy, large batch processing and automatic reckon by the piece, therefore are the ideal equipment indispensable to specialized batch production.


• Easy to operate our metal craft twisting machine.
• Convenient to change the dies of metal twisting machines.
• Our metal twister machine is of stable performance.
• It has both manual control and foot pedal.
• Twisting wrought iron machine is with high work efficiency.


• You could twist steel bars into ornamental spiral patterns by wrought iron electric twisting machine in cold condition. There is no need to heat the steels.
• The torsion and twisting can be not only manually controlled at two different speeds, but also automatically in the clockwise or counterclockwise rotation.
• Wrought iron electric twisting machine is program controlled. So it can produce twirls automatically and repeatedly which is good for mass production.
• Metal twisting machine also ensures a good consistency of the products for its programmable control.
• It is very easy to change molds of metal twisting machine, only need 2-8 seconds. This saves time a lot.
• Its work ability is strong. And it could twist square steel with maximum diameter 25x25mm.
• Our wrought iron twister machine is able to twist steel with length 200-800mm, even more than 800mm is workable.
• Our metal craft twisting machine has high production efficiency. It processes 400 pieces of square per hour.

Technical parameters

Max. size of materials to be processedSquare steel≤16 x 16 mm≤25 x 25 mm
Square tube≤25 x 25 mm≤40 x 40 mm
Flat steel≤4 x 30 mm≤10 x 50 mm
Length200-600 mm200-1500 mm
Voltage380 V
Frequency50 Hz
Power3 KW2.2-4 KW
Speed1400 RPM1400 RPM
External size1270 x 550 x 1160 mm1200 x 600 x 1700 mm
Net weight (N.W)300 KG480 KG

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