Electric CNC bending machine

1, Reasonable structure, easy to operate & maintain
2, Manual and pedal switch, safely and stable
3, High working strength, high producing capacity


Electric CNC bending machine

Electric CNC bending machine is a special semi-automatic mechanical equipment for wrought-iron processing. It can be used to manufacture a variety of metal patterns styles, such as C-type, S-type, P-type and other patterns. The machine is of rebounding functions which is to facilitate the molding material out of machine. It is not only used alone, but also can be used with other wrought-iron processing equipment to form a production line which can bend a certain size of metal profiles (round steel, flat steel and square steel, etc.). Electric CNC bending machine is widely used in construction, decoration, furniture manufacturing, municipal landscape construction industry.

Electric CNC bending machine features

Low power consumption, high power, easy operation, beautiful appearance. Configure a variety of molds, you can quickly form a different pattern of iron


  • Easy handling:  We assembly the machine completely. It only  needs to connect it to the required power supply and start performing.
  • Easy fabrication of tooling: The customer himself or any toolmaker can manufacture dies and  punches. 
  • Folding operation with no risk of damaging the punches and dies with thick materials.  Not like conventional press brakes.
  • Folding flat bars and sheets into completely close shapes. Conception of this horizontal bending press brake allows to make folding operations impossible to be carried out on a conventional press brake.
  • Fast tool replace, punches and dies.

Technical parameters


HL-W16 Low headHL-W16 High head

HL-W16 adjust head

Max. size of materials to be processed

Square steel

≤16 x 16 mm≤20 x 20 mm

≤18 x 18 mm

Round steel

≤Φ16 mm≤Φ20 mm

≤Φ18 mm

Flat steel

≤30 x 8 mm≤50 x 12 mm

≤30 x 10 mm

Square tube

≤16 x 16 mm≤30 x 30 mm

≤16 x 16 mm

Voltage380 V
Frequency50 Hz

1.5 KW

2.2 KW

1.5~2.4 KW


960 RPM

1420 RPM

700/1400 RPM

External size

1140 x 810 x 580 mm

1240 x 810 x 580 mm

1140 x 810 x580 mm


200 KG

270 KG

210 KG


230 KG

330 KG

240 KG

Besides, We supply both the hydraulic press brake machine and other wrought iron equipment, please contact us for more details.

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