About Us

Huiliyou Steel began its roots in manufacturing and supplying various steel pipes, guardrails and highway guardrail, steel columns for various applicatins. The company later diversified in the design and manufacturing of poles, masts, transmission poles, transmission / telecommunication towers and substation structures.

The steel products manufactured by Huiliyou Steel have wide applications specializing in infrastructure development projects and building construction. The company is principally involved in the manufacture of steel pipes, steel sections, galvanized steel poles, masts and towers. Huiliyou steel products are mainly used in constructions, building structure, road safety guardrail barriers, outdoor lighting columns for streets, gardens, highways, transport terminals, traffic interchanges, airports, ports, sports complexes and stadiums, golf courses etc.

Huiliyou is a professional steel fabricator which is specialized in steel products processing. Such as street light pole, high mast pole, highway beams, steel chains, steel pipe, stairs iron parts, fence iron parts and other wrought iron parts producing. Please see more introductions as following:

w beam guardrail weight

Huiliyou has established long term business cooperation with clients from South Asia, Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Austrilia etc. since 2010.

Our main products are ERW steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe, hot dipped galvanized steel pipe(round/square/rectangular/oval etc)pre-galvanized steel pipe, furniture steel pipe, cold steel pipe, annealed steel pipes etc. The square pipe sizes range are 10 x 10mm—600 x 600mm with thickness range 0.5mm—30mm and the round steel pipe size range are 10mm—1220mm with thickness 0.5mm—30mm. We also supply some special shape tube such as LTZ tube, D tube etc. Our pipes are widely used in constructions, furniture, steel structure, water pipeline, wrought iron industry etc.

Because of huge road safety barriers demand home and abroad, we set a plant to produce highway guardrail since 2013. We mainly supply Galvanized W beam, Steel posts( C post, U post, H post, Round post and sigma post etc), bolts and nuts, washers, spacers, blocks etc. We have exported our road safety barriers and accessories to Malaysia, Singapore, Russia, South Africa,Middle east and other regions successfully and get a high reputation for high quality and service.

Huiliyou road safety barriers are manufactured to rigorous China National Standard and international standards with many undergoing crash testing in accordance with international standards such as AASHTO, ASTM, EN, ISO, MASH etc. Our quality controlled manufacturing and galvanizing operation provides our customers with road safety barriers they can depend upon.

At the same time, when we set guardrail plant, we also start to produce quality light poles and traffic sign columns and structures. We offer our custom solutions for any structural pole design requirement. We are dedicated to meeting deadlines and supplying excellent products at highly competitive rates.

Our products range includes: floodlighting poles, street lighting poles, solar street light poles, highway lighting poles, decorative pole, banner poles, square SHS poles, Utility Poles etc

Whether our clients need something specially designed or “off the shelf”, we can help. We have a skilled in-house team who can design as per clients' requests.

In 2015, many of our clients asked us for steel chains and wrought iron parts equipment, At then we extended our metal processing works for steel chains and wrought iron steel parts. we equiped advanced production line and built up a skilled engineer team who have rich experience for years.

We can supply mild steel chains, alloy steel chains, galvanized steel chains, stainless steel chains with high strength. Our chains diameter range is 1.5mm—35mm. They are widely used for binding, anchor hoisting, pulling, hanging, chemical conveyor, pump, poultry, protecting, fish-net falling, pet chains, decoration and lifting etc. We also produce as per clients’ drawings.

The steel pipes are used for furniture industry & wrought iron industry by bending, cutting, twisting, embossing, heating, pressing, rolling the steel pipe or steel plate. And there are various wrought iron machine with moulds.

To give clients one-stop purchasing, we have a small our own plant to assemble wrought iron machine. Bending machine, Profile formers, Hydraulic Punching machines, Forging Machines; Hydraulic Press, power hammers, air hammers, CNC hydraulic bending machine, twisting machine etc.

All our products are made with high quality electrical and hydraulic components. Huiliyou wrought iron machines are of quality, reliability, safety, guaranty and innovation.

Our Missions:

With our skills and equipment, provide clients best service and high quality products. Make steel and relevant steel processing into our lives. Spare no effort to make the world steel business easy, safe, reliable

For more details, please email us at info@hlysteelfab.com